Rising Stars Taekwondo Master

TaeKwon-Do Grand Master Cees (pronounced “Case”) Keukens, originally from the town of Boxtel Holland, has a long and interesting martial arts history. Here is a partial list of his accolades he received before he concentrated on teaching taekwondo:

  • Dutch national championships – 1973
  • Runner-up at the world championships – 1974
  • All around world champion in 1978
  • Inducted into the Martial Arts hall of fame in Akron Ohio – 1992

During his career he has travelled the world and attended many martial arts events either as a spectator, coach or participant. Since 1986 Master Keukens has been dedicated to teaching the art of Taekwondo in his martial arts schools.

Our Assistant Instructors

Mr. Justin Baney began practicing TaeKwonDo in 1999 at the age of 13 to get into better shape. And in doing so, it has given him the discipline to focus and perform well in school. Mr. Baney is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at The University of Toronto.

Mr. Baney holds a 2nd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and is currently pursuing a black belt in Jui Jitsu.